Welcome to studilaroche, the studio home of Benjamin Price: fellow human, engineer, producer, musician, papa.

I’ve been working professionally with audio since 1998: recording engineering, mixing, mastering and producing music, voiceover, audio for film and video, sound design, location recording, sound reinforcement, musical performance, consulting.

Some background: I interned at Tree Sound under Paul Diaz and Jim Zumpano, worked for pro-audio rental company Eclipse Audio with John Rogers and Jimmy Z, was mentored by Ricky Keller at Southern Living At Its Finest recording studio for 5 years, rising from intern to house engineer and studio manager, and co-founded Red Tuxedo with Alex Lowe. Since 2006 I’ve operated studilaroche productions, inc., where I’ve focused on music production, recording and mixing. Over the past 5 years or so I’ve been diving deeper into mastering. I’ve also done some time in sales at Sweetwater and taught mixing, plug-ins and production courses at AIM.

Guitar is my primary instrument, but I also play bass, french horn, drums, vocals, percussion. I’ve played in some bands: John Wayne with the Power and the Glory, Disguise the Sky, HIGH BIAS, DeadPan Alley, Population (once), PENN BRYCE, Water Liars, Chris Childs Orchestra, Rock Lotto/Happenstance x3, et al.

Recent work includes: AKQA, Chris Childs, Little Tybee, Adult Swim, Sunset Pig, Art Edwards, GKu, Golden Brown, Bizarre Statue, Mystery Cassette, W8ing4UFOs, Nero Simon, CHEW, Heart of the Nearest Star, Dicaprio, Majid Araim, Chris Stalcup and the Grange, Kim Madsen, Haquilliums, Peter Webb, Dicaprio, BASrelief, Samadha, PENN BRYCE, Konda, Robert Bret Hartley, Paul Daniels, TagTeam, David McClatchey, Whispers of Night, Karaoke, Quas, Santiago Paramo, Andy Ditzler, Parsons Rocket Project, John Searson, Greenscreen, Hello Ocho, the Black and White District, Keith Leslie, Mark Harper, Auction House Letters, Chick-fil-A, IMA DO.

Less recent work includes: Faun and a Pan Flute,Twittering Machine, Hello Ocho, SurlyPop, Five-Eight, Outkast, Chas Burrell, Kristen Englenz, Chase56, Toni Braxton, Endangered Species (Jimmy Herring, T Lavitz, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney), Carey, Billy Greer, Third Day, Gang of Four, Morningwood, the Hives, Brodie Stove, Cadillac Jones, DeadPan Alley, Disguise the Sky, Babbie Mason, DTPG, John Wayne, Project Z (Ricky Keller, Jimmy Herring, Jeff Sipe, Oliver Wells, Jason Crosby), Shawn Mullins, Nat Turna, Emma Gies, Casey Hood, Sonoramic Commando, Alberto Roman, Triloco, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Swingset, the Turner Project, Coca-Cola, JB, Dirty and Errol Moore, Clay Harper, Peter Webb, Suno Deko, Nillah, Mara, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Silent Kids, Auction House Letters, Athfest 10, et plus